St Wilifreds

ECA represented in St Wilfred’s challenge

Tim and I wish to thank you for your very generous donations to St Wilfrid’s
Hospice. In all we raised £750, which, with the benefit of Gift Aid will total nearly
£900. The race overall raised over £21k
The weather was kind for Tim’s first race and my first race in a cruising boat and, my
first race for 40 years previously I raced dinghies in my youth!) An early start,
before dawn (since retiring I had forgotten such an hour existed) to clear the sill at
Emsworth Yacht Harbour on a cold morning with hardly a breeze. We waited on the
harbour pontoon for the sunand over a cup of coffee discussed our
tactics and rigged the boat. At about 9am we drifted with a favourable but very light wind
down towards the Chichester harbour mouth. It was idyllic but we soon realised we would
miss the start at 11.10 (for our class) without some assistance from the engine.
Fortunately, we just made it in time but the start was delayed by 10 minutes due to a
medical emergency on the start boat. We crossed the start line towards the
windward end in 3rd place and, after a few attempts, managed to set the spinnaker. The
wind was about 7 knots from the NE so progress was slow but delightful. The fleet
was split into four classes with the bigger and faster boats starting later. We were soon
surrounded by these later starters as they swept past in the sunshine.
Having rounded the Nab Tower we doused the spinnaker and sailed fairly close hauled
on starboard tack leaning well to a fresh breeze. Hoi Lung heeled so well in fact that
quite a lot of poorly stowed gear ended up on the cockpit sole. As we approached the
finish line the wind died away and became more easterly so that we drifted the last mile
at about 3 knots. We came in fifth from a class of 10 finishing at 14.01 so we were
pleased that we had not disgraced ourselves. A drift back through the harbour mouth and
up the Northney Channel and the wind died completely. Tim and I were both tired and a
little sunburnt by the time we berthed at 4pm.
Thank you again for your support.
Best regards
Derek and Tim, in Hoi Lung

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