Round the Island Rally Report

The rally started Friday night at the Chichester harbour pontoon. Ruahine was joined by Bev and Sue and grandchildren {on Gabriel), Julie and John (Carina), and Tony (Elwing II) . Also there were Richard and Helen Stoneman, luxuriating in their new boat – which has television!

I think we should have more rallies on the pontoon, because it was a glorious evening and there is no-where more peaceful and atmospheric. We had drinks on Carina, and discussed the weather, which was not too promising. The plan was to sail around the Bembridge Ledge, & around to Cowes. The forecast in the morning was more windy than we would like, but we all set off, with the plan to liase after the Bar.

Tony was there first, and heard the off shore forecast of Force 7. We decided to sail the Solent route to Shephard’s Wharf. Dave Cave had diferent ideas and also a larger boat, and he did sail around. He said that the trip was rather ‘rolly’ and visibilty was poor. We all know how awful the weather was that weekend, and Bev and Sue and Tony decided to cut their losses and sailed home on Monday. Carina and Ruahine sailed to Bembridge where we again met Richard who had enjoyed the Jubilee on the telly. We got very wet indeed at Bembridge because it did not stop raining. Graham was glad to cancel 2 days leave and go back to work. Hey Ho.
Wendy Davis

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