Prospective-members are most welcome to join us on a rally on their own recognisance to see if they like what we do. Please make contact with the Lead or OoD in good time to allow berths, meals and other facilities to be pre-booked.

Emsworth Cruising Association 2020 Rally Programme
Date Event Location OOD
25/01/2020 Commodore’s Supper Emsworth Community Centre Cdre
22/02/2020 At Home Eames Farm Cdre
14/03/2020 Fitting Out Supper, wine tasting Hewitt’s Cafe Cdre
28-29/03/20 ECA Daffodil Rally Portchester Jane Hoolahan
10 -13/4/20 ECA Easter Weekend Rally Cowes/Southampton John & Julie Strickland
25-26/4/20 Treasure Hunt Chichester Harbour Sparks Marina  Suzy and Mark Dorsett
08 – 10/5/20 Joint ECA/EYH May Day BH Rally Island Harbour
20 – 25/5/20 ECA Spring BH Rally Lymington (Wed) / Poole (Thur) / Weymouth  (Fri/Sat) /Studland Bay (Sun)/ Home  (Mon)
06 – 07/06/20 June Weekend Rally Cowes Yacht Haven  Derek Ellinor
22-26/06/2020 Weekday Rally Cowes YH (Mon) / Yarmouth (Tues/ Wed) / Bucklars Hard (Thur) Home
06-09/08/2020 Lymington Food Festival Rally Hamble (Thur)  / Lymington (Fri/Sat) Home
19 – 23/8/20 Bournemouth Air Show Yarmouth (Wed) /Poole (Thur/Fri )/ Cowes (Sat)
4-6/9/20 Burseldon Regatta Universal
18 -20/9/20 ECA SIBS Rally ( Cowes) Cowes Yacht Haven
17-18/10/20 Last Rally Chichester Marina
Past Events
Date Event Location OOD / Lead
4 – 6/01/19 ECA Frostbite Rally-1st date Clarence Yard Dick Tyrrell
12/1/2019 ECA Commodore’s Meal Emsworth Community Centre Cdre
19 -20/01/19 ECA Frostbite Rally-2nd date Clarence Yard Dick Tyrrell
8 – 10/02/19 ECA Freezer Rally-1st date Port Solent Dick Tyrell
16/2/2019 ECA At Home Eames Farm Andy Lane
22 – 24/02/19 ECA Freezer Rally-2nd date Port Solent Dick Tyrrell
8 – 10/03/19 ECA Snowdrop Rally 1st date Haslar Dick Tyrell
23/3/2019 EYH Pre Season Dinner EYH Lorna Tiffany
22 – 24/03/19 ECA Snowdrop Rally 2nd date Haslar Dick Tyrrell
30/03/19 ECA Fitting Out Supper The Barley Mow Suzy Dorsett
31/3/2019 BST Starts & Mothers Day
6 – 07/4/19 ECA Daffodil Rally Porchester Sailing Club Jane Hoolahan
19 -22/4/19 ECA Easter Weekend Rally The Folly Walk ashore Pontoon Andrew Bannister
04 – 06/5/19 ECA/EYH joint May Day BH Rally Bembridge Cdre
19/5/2019 EYH Pontoon Picnic EYH Lorna Tiffany
25 – 27/5/19 ECA Spring BH Rally Littlehampton Tony Browne
15-16 /6/19 June Rally Gunwharf Quays Paul Bowman
13/7/2019 EYH Summer Party EYH Lorna Tiffany
W/C 19/8/19 Chic Fed Race Week Chichester Harbour Chichester Federation
24 – 26/8/19 ECA August Bank Holiday Rally Brighton Vice Cdre
13 -15/9/19 ECA SIBS Rally ( Cowes) Cowes Yacht Haven Charles Harrison
12 – 13/10/19 Last Rally Bembridge Andrew Bannister
Eames Farm Cdre
27/10/2019 BST Ends
9/11/2019 Speakers Meeting  Nicollino’s  Neil Fuller
7/12/2019 EYH Christmas Drinks 11.00hrs to 13.00hrs EYH Lorna Tiffany
14/12/2019 ECA December Christmas  Meal 36 The Quay Suzy Dorsett

Footnote:  OoD?  We are looking for volunteers to come forward to run these events.  If you are new to this function please ask the Lead person to shadow you and lend support.  Please don’t be shy; we need your help and support to make the club run efficiently.

1)  The ECA “core” rallies are shown as (A) above

2)  Additional ECA rallies, subject to demand, are shown as (B)  above

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