About us

The EMSWORTH CRUISING ASSOCIATION was formed in 1966 by a group of boat owners based in Emsworth Yacht Harbour.   Although the membership has increased and is now much more widely spread, Emsworth in Chichester Harbour is still our focal point.

Our objective is to promote and facilitate cruising in boats.  We do this by setting a programme of rallies and events each year in which sailing yachts and motorboats can participate in a mutually supportive way.  We are a family inclusive club that encourages the newcomer to cruising to enjoy their sailing safely and most of all to make it fun. Racing has a low priority – although we do support and contribute to events organised by neighbouring clubs – and a look at our programme will show the emphasis placed on cruising.   We encourage sailing in company but there is no regimentation: weekend passages and summer cruises generally have a leader, but for advice and guidance only.  Each skipper must always make their own decisions and take full responsibility for their craft and crew.

Since cruising is the main interest we have no need for a clubhouse and the annual membership & Subscription Renewal fee is therefore very modest. Social activities are still an important feature however: in the winter, suppers, film shows and lectures are held in Emsworth and during the summer our programme includes holiday cruises ‘in company’ (sometimes abroad), frequent weekend rallies in the Solent, barbeques and dinners at other clubs plus spontaneous events arranged when cruising together.

A newsletter is published regularly throughout the year, to which it is hoped everyone will contribute with articles from ‘little gems’ to a log of that special long distance cruise. The Association has a TIE and BURGEE obtainable from the Membership Secretary at a modest cost.   A Year Book is issued, which includes the full programme, lists of members’ names, addresses and boats and much other useful information.

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