ECA Weekend Rally to Cowes Yacht Haven 6th/7th June 2020

Weekend Rally to Cowes Yacht Haven 6th/7th June 2020

      Saturday 6th June, HW Portsmouth BST 12.30 (4.7m)

It’s a reasonable 10.30 am start time from EYH with a favourable fairly strong tide to Cowes.  Once out into the approaches to the Solent the tidal stream will be in our favour until about 16.00.   Be aware that the America’s Cup preliminary rounds are due to take place off Southsea beach this weekend (4th to 7th June) so to avoid becoming embroiled I recommend you go between the forts rather than take the inshore passage through the submarine barrier – you may still get to see some of the AC75’s in action but don’t get too close since the area will also have lots of boats at anchor and will be patrolled!   Approaching the Medina please call Cowes Yacht Haven on VHF channel 80 (or phone 01983 299975) for berthing instructions or look out for Funseeker (Merry Fisher 855 motorboat) since they normally try to put us all together. There will be informal hospitality on board Funseeker from 17.30 in the form of Cheese, Biscuits, Pickles and Wine.   We’re very happy to start this off but please bring any favourite cheese, biscuits and tipples.  Also, now we have a smaller boat please come along with your own glasses and plates etc.    Rather than go ashore for a meal, in the recent past a bulk buy of fish/pie and chips has been popular although some may prefer to do their own thing.  Sheila will be taking orders so we can do a consolidated purchase.

Any queries/suggestions please telephone me on 02392 426460 or email

Sunday 7th June HW Portsmouth BST 13.30 (4.6m) – Springs

For those who only take the week-end, this can be treated as an ordinary Saturday-Sunday out-and-back rally with just the one night stop in Cowes. It should be an easy ride back to Emsworth aiming to be at the Chichester bar by soon after noon to avoid the onset of the adverse tidal stream in the Solent and, since it is a biggish Spring tide, too strong an adverse current on the way up the harbour to EYH, suggesting a Cowes departure at about 09.30 BST or soon after.


If you wish to make this a longer stay by arriving early or leaving later please make your own arrangements with Cowes Yacht Haven for any additional nights but state that you are part of the ECA weekend rally.  Also, if your resident berth is at a TransEurope marina, which EYH and Cowes YH are, remember to ask for half price nights when settling your bill.



VHF Channel 16/08 while on board and awake.    My MMSI is 235920781 and my mobile is 07572 430145.

I look forward to seeing you!

Please register interest by 2nd June via the form below if you are thinking of coming, so I can let the Yacht Haven know the number of boats.   Late comers welcome but no guarantee of a place at the table!

Derek Ellinor, ‘Funseeker’



Participating Skippers are reminded that all ECA rallies and events are carried out under rule 22 of the Emsworth Cruising Association Rules as published in the ECA Yearbook.

Participation in an ECA Rally or event is taken as acknowledgement and understanding of this rule.

The ECA draws to the attention of skippers and crew attending, that full responsibility for sea worthiness of boats and experience of crew attending is held with the skipper of the boat sailing to the rally. All information given should be checked before setting out.

To register an interest in this event please complete the details below and press Submit.



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