The ECA Freezer Rally to Portsmouth-Port Solent

The ECA Freezer Rally to Portsmouth-Port Solent
Our second Rally of the 2019 season, out over the Bar, wind and tide permitting, of course. Allowing for the weather, two weekends close to HW Springs as usual for the winter Rallies.
First weekend Chi Bar tide and celestial data:
Weekend Sunrises 08.06 & sunsets around 16.13
Friday 08/02/2019: 01.31hrs 4.6m & 13.34hrs 4.6m
Saturday 09/02/2019: 02.01hrs 4.6m & 14.06hrs 4.5m
Sunday 10/02/2019: 02.34hrs 4.5m & 14.41hrs 4.4m
Second weekend Chi Bar tide and celestial data:
Sunrises: & sunsets around
Friday 22/02/2019: 01.11hrs 5.2m & 13.22hrs 5.1m
Saturday 23/02/2019: 01.56hrs 5.1m & 14.09hrs 4.9m
Sunday 24/02/2019: 02.40hrs 5.0m & 14.57hrs 4.7m
We will aim to sail round to Portsmouth, with a view to reaching Port Solent Marina and a warm pub and eatery.
If cold too harsh, or too windy for short handed crews to lock in or out safely to Port Solent, somewhere less far up Harbour/easy access.
We will divert to an agreed Chichester Harbour venue if the Bar is unsafe but the weather is otherwise ok and wind under F6.
If the weather is really dire, but we are at our boats, then it’s a pub and meal in Emsworth!
In view of the weather/small numbers at our winter rallies(can’t think why?) we will not be early booking into venues, so please register your interest on the e-form below, so we can all keep in touch and advise changes of/ the venues of numbers on the day.
ECA Rule 22 in full applies to this rally and Members are entirely responsible for the safety and management of their vessel, crew and their decision to join the Rally is at their and their crews own risk, as set out in ECA Rule 22 on page 13 of the 2018 ECA Year Book.
Officer of the Day: Dick Tyrrell
Contact via mobile: 07939 240289
VHF channel 16 & 08

To register an interest in this event please complete the details below and press Submit.



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