ECA Commodore’s Chat December 2018

ECA Commodore’s Chat – December 2018

Hi Everyone,

I can’t believe a month has already passed since I produced the first Commodore’s chat. Christmas is now alarmingly close. I have spent the last few weeks fitting a calorifier for hot water and removing the old cool box from Koto in preparation for replacing it with a proper fridge. I am now in the process of constructing the frame to support the fridge, a nightmare as no angle on a boat is a right angle. Once that is done the ‘minor’ job of running electrics to immersion heater and fridge will remain. Watch out for a couple or articles in the new year if the effort hasn’t killed me. I think I am past the stage of thinking why did I ever start this in the first place and am now into the resigned I have got this far so I have to finish stage!

Murder Mystery Night

Since my last chat the ECA Murder Mystery Night at Wymering Manor has been and gone. We had an excellent turn out and quite a few members entered into the spirit, dressing up to the 1930’s theme. After a short get to meet the hosts session we were soon all seated. We were given a run-down by the butler, our supposed main host having mysteriously having gone missing, of how the evening would play out, and then given a chance to chat to our hosts (one actor/suspect per table) before food was served. Horror of horrors! Our missing host had been murdered and the game was afoot! As the meal progressed we were given snippets of evidence at the table as well as being escorted to various locations in the manor to search for clues. The hosts all moved about so we could question all the suspects as some time. At the end some final statements were made by the hosts and then table by table we had to reveal who we thought the murderer was, what they used, and where they did it. Only one table got the completely correct answer! It was a very entertaining evening, the food was very good and I am sure everyone enjoyed themselves. My thanks goes to Torchlight Productions for putting on such a good event and to Sheila and Suzy for getting arrangements sorted.

Committee Meeting

The following day your new Committee got together for the first time. Everyone was keen and there was quite a full agenda. Significant discussions focussed around moving forward with the Website and Newsletter. You may notice some changes to the website structure as we get to grips with site access and what needs to be in the public domain and what should be secured behind member login. Please bear with us as we work through what is quite a complex set of changes.

Christmas Lunch (15th December)

Our next event is the Christmas Lunch at 36 On The Quay on Saturday 15th December. We kick off in Emsworth Slipper Sailing Club for drinks at 12:00. There are currently have 41 members signed up as I write this. There are still a few places left but we need to let the restaurant know our menu choices in the next few days. We have postponed the Photo Competition to the Commodore’s Meal as there had been insufficient notice to members with regard to getting photos submitted. More details on this competition and some other awards open to ECA members are given below.

Membership Renewal (1st January)

Membership renewals are due on the 1st January. You should already have received an email from Jane which included forms for you to complete and return. If not then please contact Jane ( ). The forms are in two formats (PDF and MS-Word) so hopefully you can open one or the other, or even both. Could you please complete a membership renewal and a GDPR form and return to Jane. If your technology allows it each PDF form allows you to fill it in and then click on a button to email it. Otherwise you have the option to print and complete them manually and then submit by email or post, depending on your technological disposition. Hopefully we have covered all bases. If you have any problems with the forms then do not hesitate to contact me. Payment can be via cheque payable to Emsworth Cruising Association, or online (account details can be obtained from Jane (memsec@), Patrick (treasurer@) or myself (commodore@)

Commodore’s Meal (12th January)

The Commodore’s Meal is at the Emsworth Community Centre on Saturday 12th January starting 18:00. This will be a Pizza Night, followed by a talk or two from members about their last years cruising exploits. Details and form to complete for the Commodore’s Meal are on the ECA website ( ).

We will be running through the ECA cruising calendar for 2019 so if you have any plans or ideas you would like to share with other members then do come and say. This is how we normally end up with July/August cruises in company to places like France/Channel Islands/West Country etc.

The night will now also include the ECA photo competition. If you wish to submit some photos there are 3 categories:

  1. ECA in action – Any photos from an ECA event or rally.
  2. Humorous Caption – Any amusing photos with suitable amusing captions.
  3. Holiday Scene –  Any holiday sailing related photos not covered by 1. Above

Any photos currently in the 2018 folder on the ECA dropbox will be considered. To submit a photo then either add it to the ECA Dropbox or send them to In order to avoid data overload please resize any photos to 800×600 before sending them.

In addition to the photo competition the ECA has the following awards:

  1. Cruise of the Year – This award can go to any member cruise. All we need is a synopsis of the cruise to be submitted for consideration. We already have two contenders I can think of with Elwing II going to Poland and Carina going to the Scillies.
  2. Ken Flatt Seamanship Award – This award is for where a member has demonstrated some significant act of seamanship. As examples this could be assisting another sailor/boat which is in trouble, or demonstrating skill in successfully negotiating challenging conditions, or successfully undertaking a significant/difficult passage.
  3. Best Newsletter/Web Article – This award is fairly self-explanatory. There are two sub-categories; best overall contribution, and best humorous contribution. Any articles submitted during the year will be considered. If you have anything you want to submit then if you do so before the end of December it will be considered.

If you have any nominations for any of the above this year then please submit them to ideally before Christmas. If you have nothing this year then please do remember all the above for next season. Get taking photos and writing articles of your exploits. We want to hear from you.

Just before I go just a few additional notices:

  1. The ECA At Home, where we entertain other clubs in the area, will be on Saturday 16th February at Eames Farm from 12:00 to 14:00. Members will be invited to attend and we usually arrange a get together in the evening. We will be looking for volunteers to help set this up, help do food etc. Again watch the ECA website for details and for an email from the Vice Commodore asking for volunteers.
  2. Don’t forget to keep your eyes on the ECA Website Programme Page for the full list of 2019 events and rallies, and details thereof.
  3. Please keep content (photos/articles) for the website/newsletter coming so we can share your interests with other members. Charles will be nagging you all regularly.

Well I think that’s everything for this month. If you want to contact me regarding anything to do with the ECA then please do not hesitate to do so at any time. My contact, and other members of the committee are in the ECA Yearbook either as generic position addresses (e.g. ) or under individual members Details. We always want to hear from you.

If I don’t see you before Christmas, and even if I do, may I wish you a Very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Happy Sailing and Motoring

Neil Fuller

ECA Commodore

( )

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