ECA Commodore’s Chat – November 2018

ECA Commodore’s Chat – November 2018

Hi Everyone,

Well the last rally of the season has been and gone, as has the AGM. Slightly disappointed that less than half the members attended, of which half did not send apologies. It really does help if we know well in advance if you will be attending so we can make sure we book a suitable venue.

Following on from the AGM itself everyone sat down to a wide and interesting mix of cheeses, pickles, crackers, and nibbles, along with a selection of free wines and beers. Lovely!

Once re-victualling was over Derek gave an interesting talk on HMS Pickle, which also highlighted the differences in how Trafalgar Night and HMS Pickle Night are celebrated and by whom. This was followed by Craig Elsdon from Serve-On (an international rescue charity) giving a talk on his amazing organisation and how they engage across the world. Craig also demonstrated the most amazing quick way to tie a bowline I, and I think everyone present, have seen. I think all those present had a try with varying degrees of success. My sincere thanks to both Derek and Craig.

If you attended the AGM you will know there have been some significant changes to the committee with a number of ‘old hands’ stepping down this year.

My thanks to Derek Ellinor who has been a most excellent Commodore for the last two years and a long standing member having had various positions on the Committee. I am afraid I will not be continuing the Derek tradition of telling a joke at every event as I am hopeless at it.

My thanks to Sheila Elsdon who has been ‘volunteer’ Secretary for the last year and done a sterling job on the various meeting minutes and supporting the Committee. The role of Secretary is currently vacant, but will be filled by Karen Fuller as an Ex-officio committee member, who has ‘volunteered’ in the interim.

Since selling Badgie 2 earlier in the year Derek and Sheila have been land cruising in their caravan. Rumour has it they may be getting a motorboat in the not too distant future and will be able to join us on rallies by water once again, rather than by car.

My thanks to Alice Tyrrell who has been producing the ECA Newsletter for over 8 years and done a marvellous job. Welcome to Charles Harrison who has stepped into the role. This is a role which we are looking to update so we make better use of the website. ‘Watch this space’, as they say. Please do continue to contribute any items or articles you think members may find interesting. Charles is another stalwart member and has been a past Commodore.

My thanks to Dick Tyrrell who is another stalwart of the ECA. Dick has held a number of roles over many years in the ECA, the most recent being as Rear Commodore (Cruising). Welcome to Andy Bannister who has now taken over this mantle, having understudied Dick last year. The cruising itinerary for 2019 is well into planning, with a few new venues such as Littlehampton and Brighton on the cards, as well as some more local to the Solent. Again keep an eye on the ECA website and email (Frostbite & Freezer rallies are in Jan/Feb for any really hardy souls out there). Andy will no doubt be canvassing for Officers of the Day (OODs) or rally co-ordinators in the New Year. It is not an onerous task and makes the life of the RC(C) a bit easier. Besides, given Andy’s record last year if he does it, it is guaranteed to rain.

Alice and Dick are stepping down to devote more time to their family and more specifically to their grandson.

As you may have gathered from the above, I have stepped down from the roles of Treasurer and de-facto Vice-Commodore, and stepped into the rather daunting role of Commodore. I don’t remember putting myself forward. I think drink must have been involved.

Welcome to Patrick Colin as the new Treasurer. Patrick comes from a financial background so is well equipped for the role. Treasurer is one of those roles that takes a bit of handing over as we have to run the gauntlet of bank Mandate Change Forms, money laundering checks, and the tribulations that this entails. As I write handover is well in progress, but I am retaining the purse strings until Patrick has account access, which should be by the end of November.

Welcome to Andy Lane as the new Vice-Commodore. Andy used to be our Motorboat Rep., but has turned away from the dark side (apologies to our Mobo members) and bought a sailboat. I think he got bored waiting for the Raggies to catch him up (and the fact he used 10 times more diesel even if they (Raggies) had to motor).

Welcome to John Reynolds as the new Motorboat Rep. John owns Mr. Toad. If you are one of our Mobo members please do let John know who you are. The ECA is about 90% sailboats so John is your voice on the Committee to make sure what we do also represents your interests. If you have any ideas, concerns, or comments, then please do pass them on to John.

My thanks go to Suzy Dorsett (Rear Commodore (House)), Tony Browne (Yearbook Editor), Jon Keefe (Internet Secretary), and Sandy Keefe (ChiFed Representative), who all remain on the Committee in their current positions. All have contributed greatly to the Association over the last year.

As a point to note, we are currently in the process of planning some significant changes to the website. As already mentioned, how the newsletter content is published/delivered is likely to change, but a more significant change will be the lockdown of the site so members will need to login to see member specific content. Planning is still in early stages but we hope to make progress quickly over the next few months. This will not be an easy task as we may need to update the underlying structure of the site.

Finally welcome to Karen Fuller, Nicky Harrison, and Judy Colin who join the committee as Ex-Officio members.

Phew! I hope I did not miss anyone. If I did my apologies.

Before I go just a few reminders:

  1. We have the ECA Murder Mystery Night at Wymering Manor on Saturday 17th November. If you intend to come but have not filled in the Webform please do so before the 10th November. It promises to be a great night. Full details are on the ECA website. We already have 36 coming.
  2. The ECA Christmas Lunch is at 36 On the Quay on Saturday 15th December. We are currently waiting on final confirmation of the menu choices before the Webform goes online. Keep an eye out for a notice when it does go online. Space will be limited so book as soon as you can.
  3. The ECA Commodore’s Meal is at Emsworth Community Centre on Saturday 12th January starting 18:00. This will be a Pizza Night, followed by a talk or two from members about their last years cruising exploits. Details will go up on the ECA website in the next couple of weeks.
  4. The ECA At Home, where we entertain other clubs in the area, will be on Saturday 16th February at Eames Farm from 12:00 to 14:00. Members will be invited to attend and we usually arrange a get together in the evening. We will be looking for volunteers to help set this up, help do food etc. Again watch the ECA website for details.
  5. Don’t forget to keep your eyes on the ECA Website Programme Page for the full list of 2019 events and rallies, and details thereof.
  6. Please keep content for the website/newsletter coming so we can share your interests with other members. Charles will no doubt be nagging you all shortly.
  7. Membership renewals will be due on the 1st January. Membership fees will remain at £30 if you have a boat and £20 if you do not. We will be asking you to complete and send in a membership form along with a GDPR consent form this year to make sure we have all your up to date details and ensure we conform to GDPR requirements. If we don’t have your correct contact details you will not receive information on events, rallies, or see member specific web content.

Well I think that’s everything for this month. I intend to produce one of these regularly, which may be part of our revised newsletter/webpages, but in the meantime will be a post to the ECA website. If you want to contact me regarding anything to do with the ECA then please do not hesitate to do so at any time. My contact, and other members of the committee are in the ECA Yearbook either as generic position addresses (e.g. or under individual members Details.

Happy Sailing and Motoring

Neil Fuller

ECA Commodore

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