The Baltic–the END

03/8 Fri Light Westerly & a more civilised time of day, so motor to Dungeness & Eastbourne (Sovereign Harbour). Hook up with the WiFi & e-mail and get a note to say Tringa II has left Gosport. Pop it up in the browser & can see that T2 is just coming round Beachy Head. Arrange myself appropriately with a portable ECA burgee and stroll down to the lock where a quick wave of the flag soon attracts attention. We meet & part & meet again after supper, at a restaurant table. D’n'A are on their way East & undecided between Dover, Boulogne & Dunkerque.
04/8 Sat I fuel-up and depart @ 10:00 for Brighton–a short hop but it improves the tide and shortens the final leg. T2 departs at 10:30 heading east-ish. On arrival at Brighton (13:15) I find it’s rather full (there’s a Gay Pride rally in town) and get sent off to the backwoods (residential area). The natives are very friendly there but you need a GPS to find your way back to the usual area.
05/8 Sun Still light wind & hot. Leave about 08:30 & spend most of the day motoring against the tide, getting slower & slower as I approach Street/Boulder–sneak through on the wrong side of Street to make best use/avoidance of the southerly set. Turn for home and arrive at EYH at 17:00 without having to pause at the waiting pontoon (chocker). Tie up & stagger home.

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