The Baltic–Fit the 5th

24/6 Sun Wind N moderate. More motoring but doable. 2 Bridges to pass, but the 1st had the wrong times listed so decided to stay inside the 2nd bridge as I didn’t have enough time to get fuel and then through the bridge. (And going through the bridge 3 times would be just silly.) Smart town and Sportmarina at Kamien Pomorski. (‘Sportmarina’ is apparently code for finger pontoons, otherwise it’s all boxes.) Commiserated with the Poles as they were (rightly) stuffed 3-0 by the Columbians.
Kamien Pomorski
25/6 Mon Fresh, decreasing WNW. Tried shopping: the town looks OK, but there’s nothing there–falling down like all the rest of Poland. Aimed for 12:00 at the last bridge and found the fuel station (not quite where expected) is an ordinary car filling station with a short quay at the back for boats. Back out into the Baltic with a bit of a chop round the entrance. WSW to the main shipping entrance at Swinoujscie (aka Swinemunde). Lots of big ship traffic but plenty of room into the town marina.
26/6 Tue Wind NE. Back into the Baltic (bye-bye Poland) & NW to the Rügen complex and the Peenemünde entrance but spotted a supermarkt listed for Freest: just got in in time for essentials.
27/6 Wed Wind still NE but lighter; sun now fairly regular–is it Summer at last? No point in going beyond Stralsund (there isn’t anywhere) so an easy sail (some motor when headed or to keep the speed up). Channels, as before, are dead straight and narrow but never go in the expected direction. Comfortably time arrival at Stralsund bridge (17:20) and back through to the North Mole marina: same pontoon and probably the same finger. As expected the WiFi doesn’t work–try again when everyone’s asleep.
28/6 Thu Tried the wifi again whilst asleep: no better. Wind v. friendly: NE 3-4. Out of Stralsund & wriggle through to the Gellenstrom where bear away & sail the rest of the way to Warnemünde. After more contre-temps, it’s finally explained that some (unmarked) toilets are ‘private’–now they tell me!
29/6 Fri Stayed in: shopping (across the river) and laundry–Nuff said. Saw the mink again; it came out from under the brow, walked round inspecting me from all sides about 4 feet away and then went back under the brow–probably thought I was a billie goat.
30/6 Sat To get fuel: Walk ¼ mile to office to announce fuel request, walk ¼ mile back to boat, motor ½ mile to fuel berth, wait–nothing, walk ¼ mile to office to complain, walk ¼ mile back to boat after which I get served and can depart. There are unsatisfactory elements in the organisation of this marina! Short trip in light Nly breeze to the Sportmarina at Kühlungsborn.
01/7 Sun Light N/W. Round the corner and down towards Wismar but decided to follow a prior recommendation & went to Poel/Kirchdorf. Motored up the narrow channel to a sailing club berth (box of course). All mod cons.
02/7 Mon Wifi showed a supermarkt open at 07:00, so I even had something to eat for breakfast! Having given Wismar a miss, my next decision was to give Lübeck a miss as well and visit Neustadt instead. Monster marina with a wifi audible 1.5nm offshore. Arrived just in time to catch the last office man climbing on his bike. Called the night security who found me a berth &, importantly, a loo key.
03/7 Tue Wind everything from light to fresh and all round the compass: everything except what I wanted. Silly sail to the corner, past Grömitz, then just motoring to the Fehmarn bridge & back to Heiligenhafen.
04/7 Wed

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