The Baltic–Fit the 2nd

Kortgene (TransEurope)
25/5 Fri Wind v. light & all round the compass. Mist in the am., sun in the pm. Through 3 (large) locks to Willemstad.
26/5 Sat Wind various generally light between N & E. Hot sun. Got to Gouda (where the cheese comes from) via the Noord.
27/5 Sun The railway bridge doesn’t open till 10:28 on Sundays, so no chance of getting to the North Sea Canal. And even to cover 17 miles took 5 hours with all the bridges. Never mind, I’m now in perfect position (with no bridges or locks betweeen me & the next significant bridge–Sassenheim), so no excuse for not getting into A’dam or the Marker Meer tomorrow. I have previously reported the case of a Harbour Master who claimed not to have 1 guilder change for a 10 guilder note. Here is a new excuse: somebody’s locked the H.M.’s cabin, so he can’t take anything! You’ve heard the expression: “All the gear; No idea!”; well this poor chap’s all dressed-up but hasn’t got a clue! (Clue = ‘Klau’ = Key in German).
28/5 Mon Being in the right place helps–straight through Haarlem & Spaarndam Sluis & the A9 Motorway Bridge to the North Sea Canal, A’dam & Durgadam. Unfortunately, it’s Monday & everything (1 restaurant) is shut. There’s an interesting do-it-yourself cable ferry to get ashore. 2 Large cable reels each end of the ferry, you wind 1 in & the other lets out automatically, plus reserve reels on either bank in case the ferry is on the wrong side. But Durgadam is still shut.
29/5 Tue Overcast in morning. Wind too much Northerly for Enkhuizen so aimed off for Lelystad instead and the Turtle Man–a LARGE wire-frame statue of of being that doesn’t seem to know whether it’s Man or Turtle–it stands on the breakwater as you go past. Continue towards Lemmer and the wind picks up & the rain hammers down, with hail. 1 Moment I can’t see where I’m going, so do the sensible thing & go below to let it work itself out and 5 minutes later and it’s blowing in the cabin from the South West. Arrive at De Punt Marina, switch off the engine and it starts beeping at me. Running no problem, battery off no problem, but I can’t just shut it down without shutting everything off.
30/5 Wed The rain having turned to a genuine thunder storm overnight, the loos have now flooded through the propped open doors. The Haven Meister at De Punt being unavailable, I switch to the Boei Marina where engineers (‘Monteurs’) are available. 1 Runs some tests and concludes that it’s an alternator (Dynamo) problem. Someone will de-mount it & send it off for checking, maybe back next Monday.
31/5 Thu The de-mounter monteur arrives and runs some more tests: the alternator is OK (ish) but there’s a problem with a dummy wire connecting it to the control panel (possibly for an engine-hours meter which I don’t have). Seems there’s an electric leak onto this wire in a large (damp) multi-way connector. WD40 saves the day. Some other pipes fettled as well and everything is now working again.
01/6 Fri Start up the Prinses Margriet Kanal and get to South East Leeuwaarden just as the bridges are shutting down for evening rush hour. Been there, done that, not doing it again so I squeeze into the (Nieuw) Leeuwaarden Marina instead (back-end of beyond) and hire a bicycle in order to find a shop & an eat-cafe. Get lost. 2 Young ladies get me un-lost.
02/6 Sat Starting 09:00 with the 1st bridge, I just scrape out of the circuit of Leeuwaarden before the bridges go back to sleep at 12:00. Overtaken by a paddle-board race. Continue through Dokkum and get to Zoutkamp (all facilities except HM & ‘facilities’).
03/6 Sun Foolishly keeping within sight of the speed-limit (6kph) I just about get to Groningen with the last in-bound convoy of the afternoon. The OosterHaven is almost empty: normally it’s rammed to overflowing. And if anyone’s still wondering about the weather: the wind is still Nly, completely overcast & decidedly cool with ‘af-en-toe mot-regen’.

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