ECA Beaulieu Rally -Bucklers Hard 14th-15th July 2018

ECA Beaulieu Rally – Bucklers Hard. 14th-15th July 2018

14th July – HW EYH 13:23 (BST); 4.9m

15th July – HW EYH 14:20 (BST); 4.9m

Welcome to the ECA rally to Bucklers Hard at Beaulieu. We have reserved berths on the walk ashore pontoons at Bucklers Hard as well as a BBQ for the evening. The marina has brand new facilities so is now on a par with places like Chichester Marina.

Please book your place on the rally using the form at the bottom as soon as possible and no later than the 1st July as places will be limited  and we need to confirm who is coming two weeks in advance (please also read the important notes section before you respond). It is unlikely they will accept additional boats after that date.

Saturday 14th July

Tides are close to springs so leave EYH around 11:20 (HW-2). There should be around a couple of knots tide in favour on average so with a distance of around 23nm it should take no more than 4 hours to get there at 5kn STW. If you arrive around 15:30 then you will have a couple of hours or so to explore the locality.

We have a shore side BBQ booked. Drinks and nibbles at 18:00 with BBQ ready for 18:30. Bring your own food for the BBQ.

On arrival contact Beaulieu River Radio via VHF channel 68 or via telephone 01590 616200 (Beaulieu Harbour Master Office) for berthing instructions.

Sunday 15th July

If you are intending to return back to EYH on the Sunday then to make best use of tides leave Beaulieu around 10:00 to arrive at EYH around HW.

Important Notes – Please Read (Updated)

Following conversations with Beaulieu please see the below, which has changed since initial publication.

For boats without a TransEurope Marina Card

If you want to secure the rally discount (10%) you will need to pay the marina direct in full a week in advance (by 6th July). The rate for the walk ashore pontoons is £3.50 per metre (£3.15 with rally discount). To pay in advance phone 01590 616200 (Beaulieu Harbour Master Office), telling them you are with the ECA rally.

If you do pay the marina in advance then refunds will only be given based on the marina booking terms which are: “only in the event of extreme weather (no definition given), or at the discretion of the Harbour Master”, so we cannot predict how much they may refund you, if anything, if you do not turn up or the rally does not go ahead.

If you have doubts about your attendance it may not be worth the ~£3 saving by paying in advance and just to pay the standard visitor rate if/when you arrive. Having said that Bucklers Hard would really like advance payment where possible so have asked me to ask you (they won’t turn you away if you haven’t and you are registered with the rally).


For boats with a TransEurope Marina Card (e.g. EYH bertholders)

If you have not already had 5 days at Bucklers Hard this year then you are entitled to 50% off the standard visitor rate (no other discount applies) which makes it £1.75 per metre. As this is applicable regardless of rally status then just pay if/when you arrive. You will need to present your card when paying. Again, Bucklers Hard would like advance payment where possible so have asked me to ask you (they won’t turn you away if you haven’t and you are registered with the rally).

If you have had 5 days at Bucklers Hard at TransEurope rates already then the position will be as if you did not have the card.

If you have and questions or queries, or even comments, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Neil Fuller

OOD (& ECA Treasurer)

To register an interest in this event please complete the details below and press Submit.


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