ECA Snowdrop Rally 2nd Weekend 17/18 March 2018

HW Sat 17/03/18 11.30 4.5m & Sun 18/03/18 12.02 4.5m

Outlook for this Rally is not promising; I’m currently tracking the Met Office,Windfinder, Windguru and MetBrief for the synoptic charts.
Yet another Scandinavian high with a deep low off Lands End looks set to annoy us with yet another cold,windy(F5/6+),wet, possibly snowy weekend.

So the Snowdrop Rally looks a non-starter, particularly given the weather delays to EYH dredging means nearly everyone else is still firmly chocked up ashore, alas. Oh, and Alice & I both have colds courtesy of our grandson.

I’ll decide formally on Friday, when the forecasts have firmed up more.

If anyone is likely to be around on their boats Saturday pm, text me(07939 240289) or email; and we’ll perhaps meet up somewhere in the evening.
Dick Tyrrell

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