Hythe Rally -26th-28th August (Bank Holiday Weekend)

Hythe Rally -26th-28th August (Bank Holiday Weekend)

All, as the tide times are quite late on this bank holiday I would like to canvas people’s opinions as to the itinerary. Unless you leave EYH at stupid o’clock on Saturday, or the afternoon before, then you are not likely to get to Hythe much before 18:30 (at least I won’t unless conditions are ideal).

For those intending to attend please look at the below and let me know what you would prefer by the end of the week (2nd July). So 1, 2a, 2b, 2c, plus 3 or 4. Depending on preferences I will need to book East Cowes/Folly Pontoon/Folly Pub/Hobbits ASAP assuming they are available. I am conscious that many of us operate on tight budgets and marinas plus restaurants are not cheap so if you want to give a restaurant a miss then do say so. No reason we can’t have some going to the restaurant and others doing their own/joint thing as we will get together at drinks/nibbles etc.

If you are not sure but are very likely to attend then please let me know so I can at least firm up a bit with Hythe etc. on boat numbers.

26th August

HW EYH 15:30 BST 4.7m so leave around 13:00 onwards depending on draft.

I suggest the following options:

  1. Go to Cowes and stay at East Cowes Marina and get a Fish & Chip Supper.
  2. Go to Cowes and stay on The Folly Pontoons and I will look at:
    1. Me booking us in to The Folly for 20:00 for those that want a meal out.
    2. We all muck in to produce a meal.
    3. Each boat does their own thing.

Given the lateness of arrival no drinks/nibbles beforehand but nightcaps on Koto at ~23:00.

27th August

HW Southampton 15:06 BST 4.2m

For those interested leave Cowes at about 08:00 – 08:30 to go out and watch the start of the Cowes Classic powerboat races that start at 09:30 and 09:45.

Once the racers have gone past take a leisurely sail up to Hythe (24h access) arriving early afternoon. (If you don’t fancy watching the race starts you can leave whenever).

At Hythe, depending on what we did at Cowes then suggest either:

  1. We all muck in to produce a meal on-board that evening.
  2. I look to book us into Hobbit’s Restaurant in central Hythe. (They did a good meal there a couple of years ago).

Drinks and nibbles on Koto at 18:00 with the meal for 20:00 (15-20 min walk to restaurant) if at Hobbit’s, or whenever ready if meal on-board.

28th August

HW EYH 17:00 BST 4.3m

Leave Hythe around 11:00-12:00 for a leisurely sail back to EYH for HW.

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