ECA 2017 Rally to Lymington & Old Gaffers Visit?

This Rally has been regraded as a (B) or informal Rally, as no-one has come forward to be Officer of the Day.

Our Club’s booking of Dan Bran pontoon has been cancelled, to protect our deposit.
Any Club boat visiting Lymington that weekend will need to arrange their own berth.

The good news is that the Spring Bank Holiday Bembridge Rally the weekend before, and the Bembridge Jazz on the Quay on the weekend after are very well supported.

Not to mention the C pontoon cruise in company “Go West, Young Man” which is still ‘something West of the Needles’, I believe, but I haven’t checked FaceBook yet today!

Enjoying the sunshine and fair winds while they last, and stand fair for France .
Dick Tyrrell

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