ECA OOD Volunteers needed

We still need volunteers to come forward to run the two main Rallies below.   Please don’t be shy; we need your help and support to make the club run efficiently.

Main Programme Rallies

26/28 Aug     RC(C)            OoD?   August Bank Holiday Rally (A) – Hythe Marina

26/27 Aug     possible optional trip from Hythe to view Cowes Classic Powerboat race (B) -wind and tide permitting.

21/22 Oct     RC(C)            OoD?   Chichester Rally (A) – Chichester Marina and CYC-Trafalgar Night Rally

Impromptu ‘ specialist’ events, not part of the Club programme , but which Members may want to join up with other Club boats for.

08/11 June   OoD?     IoW Music Festival-Island Harbour/Folly             Possible (B) Rally

28/ 30 Jly     OoD?    Family Fun Day including Dance on the Duver, Bembridge

Possible (B) Rally.

19/20 Aug    OoD?     IoW Garlic Festival.

Possible (B) rally – EYH cordially invited

Impromptu cruise(s) before and after if weather permits


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