Solent Easter Week Rally

Solent Easter Week Rally(A) 14/17 & 18-22 April 2017  

RC(C) Dick Tyrrell is the main Officer of the Day(OoD) for the week.

Contact Details;

Dick Tyrrell

Tringa II of Hamble

Mobile 07939240289            e-mail;

Contact VHF Channel 16 / 08

Participating skippers are reminded that all ECA rallies and events are carried out under rule 22 of the Emsworth Cruising Association Rules as published in the Emsworth Cruising Association Yearbook.

Participation in an ECA rally or event is taken as acknowledgement and understanding of this rule.

The ECA draws to the attention of Skippers and crew attending, that full responsibility for the sea worthiness of boats, safety and experience of crew attending, is held with the skipper of the boat sailing to the rally, all information given in guidance should be checked before setting out.

It is a recommendation of the ECA and the RYA that full and working safety equipment is carried on board for the protection of crew as laid down in RYA guidelines. 

Third party insurance must be valid for the boat taking part.

The Planned Route;

East Cowes Marina(Good Friday 14th),

Beaulieu River(Saturday 15th),

Lymington Dan Bran pontoon (Easter Sunday/Monday 16/17th

Follow up  cruise in company                                 

Tuesday 18th April              no OoD     Newton Creek/ Shalfleet anchorage( subject to weather and crews personal choice)

Wednesday 19th April      no OoD Newton Creek/ Shalfleet anchorage(as above)

Thursday 20th April         RC(C)    Bembridge-Duver pontoon

Friday/Saturday 21-22nd    no OoD       Return to home berths-neap tides

Foul weather impromptu Rally option-around Chi Hbr Clubs-Itchenor, Bosham/Dell Quay/Northney/East Head/MRSC, until the weather improves and we cn get over Chi Bar .

Weather permitting, we will head off to East Cowes on Good Friday. As tide permits then and for the rest of the week.

HW Portsmouth

14/04/17 01.48hrs 4.6m & 14.06hrs 4.5m

15/04/17 02.21hrs 4.5m & 14.40hrs 4.4m

16/04/17 02.51hrs 4.4m & 15.13hrs 4.3m

17/04/17 03.23hrs 4.2m & 15.50hrs 4.1m

18/04/17 04.02hrs 4.0m & 16.36hrs 3.9m

19/04/17 04.51hrs 3.8m & 17.51hrs 3.8m

20/04/17 06.09hrs 3.6m & 19.24hrs 3.8m

21/04/17 07.45hrs 3.6m & 20.33hrs 3.9m

Berthing arrangements;

East Cowes; 01983 293983. VHF Ch80

Individual boats must book in seperately and pay in advance to Marina Office.

(NB credit note for stress of weather, dire happenings cancellation).

Several Rallies going into East Cowes that day, so book at least 2/3 days ahead.

RPC pennant on Tringa II circa 18.00, ‘Lifeboat’ or anywhere we can get in afterwards.

Newton Creek/Shafleet National Trust (NT) anchorage;

A chance to drop the hook and make a donation to the NT launch or pick up a NT bouy and pay a £17.00 fee. NT Members probably get a deal.

Dust off your tender!

RPC pennant on Tringa II (or willing volunteer??)circa 18.00, another chance to dine ‘on safari’ together, or severally, watching the sunset???

Exploration of the Creek, wind and tide permitting, and wild & boat life watching.

Your Club has had to pay upfront booking deposits of up to £100 to secure each of the following Rally venues, so it is very important that you book in early with the OoD, and keep the OoD informed, if you have to cancel or divert your trip for any reason.

These deposits will need to be recovered for Club funds, if not refunded to the ECA by the Marina on our arrival.

Such required deposits for Rally bookings are now the Solent norm, particularly at popular venues and weekends.

Basically  NO DEPOSIT, NO BOOKING and only ‘Bad weather’ gets  you a credit note or refund of your deposit.

I found some 2017 dates/venues already fully booked in October 2016, when I became Rear Commodore (Cruising).

Your Committee is considering their detailed response to this increasing situation in and around the Solent, including visiting other Clubs more, where their  pontoon bookings allow.

Beaulieu River; 

01590 616200 VHF Ch 68 ‘Beaulieu River Radio (office), or ‘Beaulieu River Patrol’.

ECA Rally booking made for a max 10 boats on mid river pontoons and walk ashore, latter limited, available according to space/disability/dogsetc.

Again they are getting booked up, so, if planning to come, register via the form below asap

Rafting likely for most of us. Bring your tender or buddy up with another boat.

RPC pennant on Tringa II (or willing volunteer??)circa 18.00. A ‘safari supper’  around the fleet will be organised, as the bbq already booked(in Nov 2016!!), and the ‘Master Builder’s’ reputation seems not much improved?

Lymington Dan Bran Pontoon

01983 872828

Booked for a max of 10 boats, look for the ECA Rally Flag, and raft up ‘like to like and size to size’.

DONT raft outside the yellow marker bouys, as the Ferries won’t like you.

RPC pennant on Tringa II (or willing volunteer??)circa 18.00,

Bembridge-Duver pontoon:

01983 872828 VHF Ch80- call in at the tide gauge off St Helens fort.

Raft up as directed by the Duver berthing team.

Look for the ECA Flag, RPC pennant on Tringa II (or willing volunteer??)circa 18.00, afterwards, Baywatch on the Beach/Brading Haven YC, or up at The Vine if our numbers permit. Or dine on board if you prefer.

Please remember to state in the ‘Notes’ space on the form below what days you hope to do/where you plan to join or leave the Rally.

Hope to see you on the water

Dick & Alice Tyrrell

To register an interest in this event please complete the details below and press Submit.



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