Initial thoughts on Paimpol from Koto

Hi All,

I have had a few people ask me what the plan is for Paimpol this year as folk are already arranging leave etc. I know there have been various things voiced from going via Roscoff or St Malo. Sounds like we all need to get together, probably at the fitting out supper to see who can go in company with whom. Just to get the ball rolling I have put together what I think Koto may do. The tide timings are a bit tricky as I try to avoid arriving (or travelling) in the dark to unfamiliar places, and there are all the tidal gates to consider when you do 5 knots. Anyway I have attached my plan as an Excel file showing a 17 day schedule. I think it will work if the weather lets it. I had hoped to get a bit more away from the now familiar but it would either require a lot more days or some (for me anyway) daunting passages at awkward times. We may fall foul of the ARC CI rally at St PP and Braye on the way back as well. If anyone spots any glaring errors then let me know.

Paimpol 2017 Passage Plan V2 (Excel)

Paimpol 2017 Passage Plan V2 (pdf)

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