ECA Commodore’s Curry Rally

Saturday 21st January at 18.30 in the Spice Village, 47 High Street, Emsworth, PO10 7AL.   OOD – Derek Ellinor, Commodore


The North winds may blow and we may have snow and what will a poor member do then poor thing?

To the restaurant they’ll go for Tikka ‘n Aloo (pronounced with an oh! not an ooo) with a beer and a gin then off to cabin.

Outlook:  More wind!             High Tide: Irrelevant.

A number of moorings have been booked at the Spice Village in the centre of Emsworth for warming oriental food followed by community singing – probably!

The restaurant has a reputation for rather slow service which may suit us quite well but, so as not to bring things to a complete standstill, please complete the form below by 18th January so that I may collate your food choices and pass to the restaurant the day before we eat.

Please register for this event via the from below and list as many letters and numbers as you can eat and are prepared to pay for.      E.G. A8 (Lamb Tikka), E2 (state Meat or Chicken) Biriani, R4 (Pilaw Rice), P9 (Paratha).  Make sure that where there is a choice eg. Meat or Chicken you state which you want.

I can see this is going to be fun so keep a sense of humour!

Pay your own corner on the night.

Dress code: Casual.

I do hope that you can make it and that we don’t have snow!

The following members are attending this event:

NameBoat Name
Bev and Sue DickensTakata
Bev and Sue DickensTakata
Gerry & Pat Englishtba
Tony BrowneElwing II
Neil & KarenKoto
Dick & Alice TyrrellTringa II of Hamble
Colin WatkinsDrifter
John and Angela BrownShaheen
John & Julie StricklandCarina
Jill & Philip HoughtonGeorgina
Alan and Teresa HounshamLiberty
DaveAlice Pellow
Paul & Elaine BowmanGemini
John & Anne BaldwinGolden Ibis
NameBoat Name

To register an interest in this event please complete the details below and press Submit.



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