Elwing 2016 Pt 6

I’ve been here before.

Lesconil -> Audierne
Weather as before. Rocks as before. Re-tried a restaurant I’d been to before. 1st Menu choice was ‘off’, so was the 2nd, & the 3rd. Should have taken the warning: what wasn’t ‘off’ was also off!

Audierne -> Camaret
Back through the Passe which looks a lot narrower at low water with both outliers showing. Happily not an early start this time: 9 o’clock away is easy. Re-tried a restaurant I’d been to before. They couldn’t be bothered to install LED lights for the summer and what they did have were pretty and would have been fine in mid-winter but they seemed to want to cook the clients as well as the food.

Camaret -> L’Aberwrac’h
Wind as before (ie none) but the sun was replaced by mist/fog, variously around 2 nm viz. Start @ 9:00 with 2 Hours of ebb from Camaret to Pt St Matthew then a full run of tide to L’Aberwrac’h. Where it was Wednesday (closing) and raining. Not the best welcome. Even the wifi didn’t work.

L’Aberwrac’h -> Bloscon
Weather was mist again early but had gone by 11:00 starting time. Being round the corner, the tide now about 2 hours later and a 1 hour run with the ebb before plugging it for the next hour; after which the tide gradually turned and the sun gradually re-turned (but not the wind). Nice quick dash through the Canal which is a lot easier with a chart-plotter: you can see just where you are relative to the rocks and count off the seconds to the next turn with confidence.

Forecast W6(-7) and a notable swell already yesterday.

Forecast W6 and a heavy swell still visible offshore.

Forecast W5->4 and the tide is now inconvenient either for early or late.

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