Elwing 2016 Pt 5

Back to soundings!

St Gilles sur Vie -> L’Herbaudière
Started a bit late here and the wind was on the nose again plus the tide didn’t want to help either. Squeezed round the rocks as tight as I dared and into port at 19:10.

L’Herbaudière -> Pornichet
STIFF F4 Northerly to start, this moderated so I tried to sail, so it moderated some more so back to engine then a final half hour on sail again. I faffed around somewhat deciding where to go but back to Pornichet came out as favourite. (Others were ‘book in advance’ or likely to be inaccessible at expected low water.) I don’t know how the manufacturers managed it but both my sailing shoes (4 years old) failed both side-seams within about 3 weeks: very effective ‘planned obsolescence’ if it was. Now sporting new pumps from the chandlers in Pornichet.

Pornichet -> Crouesty
More motoring. The sun is good but a little bit of usable breeze would be good. You’d think with 6 marina basins, Crouesty would be able to offer an alongside berth if you get in early enough; but no: 3rd out on a hammerhead.

Crouesty -> Port Haliguen
Only a short hop ( L’Orient
Sun and nothing winds. Back into the Kerneval marina to be nearish to the supermarket. This time I borrowed a bicycle for the 3/4 mile trip. (It’s much easier & quicker in the heat.)  Went for a walk and met a menhir (about 15′ high)!

L’Orient -> Concarneau
More sun & nothing winds. Finally got into the Ville Close which might be somewhat like St Malo except that it MUCH smaller. One narrow road down the middle and 2 parallel roads under each wall.

Concarneau -> Lesconil
Forecast for East winds; which lasted for an hour or so, then back to the motor. Sun continues. Seems like a short hop but I don’t want to have an early start for the Raz so I’m faffing a bit. I’m definitely feeling the call of home.

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