Tour de France-pt 1

Emsworth -> C.I.

Emsworth -> Gosport
Went aboard 22:00 Sunday, departed EYH 06:00 to mooring. Wind down slightly in pm (SW 5-6), so left mooring 14:00 for Gosport. Short passage but wet enough for a starter. Should be easier tomorrow.

Gosport -> Lymington
Slightly easier. Some sailing, some motoring, more sailing; but mostly against the tide, so lots of zig-zags. Got past Cowes but then started going backwards in Gurnard Bay.

Lymington -> Cherbourg
06:00 Start to catch the tide out of the Solent. Wind NW 4 but I wasn’t going to wait, so motor-sailed all the way. Arrived struggling against the first of the westbound tide. 12 Hour trip: the 1st central crossing I’ve ever completed in daylight. Sadly, Cherbourg was full so it was wait on the waiting pontoon: same price but you can’t get ashore for even for a ****.

Cherbourg -> Alderney
06:00 Departure to catch the tide. (Doesn’t sound too bad, but one has to get up an hour earlier to get breakfast and prepare.) Wind NW 3: sailed a bit of the way but gave up & motored. Bright sunny afternoon but bitterly cold for mid-summer.

Alderney -> St Peter Port
Wind NW 2-3. 06:00 Start then some motoring and some motor-sailing. Into P. Port by midday, re-fuel then wait for the tide into the marina. Thought I’d check the internet & write some notes. Notes OK but P. Port wifi is **** and I had to take the laptop to the HM’s office twice to get a signal. Couldn’t post these notes because it failed again. (I’ll re-try somewhere more civilised.)

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