Elwing 2016 Pt 2

C.I. -> South

St Peter Port -> Treguier
Wind V 1-3 (mostly 1). Motored in fine warm but calm conditions. Looking back there was a heavy fog bank over Guernsey but no problem going South. Getting a bit bored with the 06:00 starts, I might have to wait a day to get a better time. Treguier IS civilised: the wifi works but it’s not free and the instructions are in French. I think I got part 1 away. In a verbal report (4 yr ago?) I commented on the dangerous state of the marina piles here; they have been replaced & are now brand new with properly rolling rubber rollers.

Lay-day to get the tide easier. Walked around a bit; found a blister: anybody lost one recently? Also found the “Jardin Remarkable” and the notice which said: ‘Ouvert tous les Jours (sauf Dimanche)’.

Treguier -> Bloscon
Actually managed to sail in E 1-3. Went up the scale gradually to 4-5. Found Richard & Helen enjoying the sun.

Bloscon -> L’Aberwrach
Scorching hot & negligible wind. Through the Canal de Ile de Batz and the ‘Pendente’ entry & to marina: inside berth as the outside was ‘reserved’. A few hours the reservation came in: a Dutch barquantine, 75 long! Did I forget to give the length units: that’s METRES. (The ‘Wilde Swan’ from Makkum.)

L’Aberwrach -> Camaret
Low on fuel, lower on wind. Got to the narrow part by Kermorvan and the engine cooling intake clogged up with kelp. The tide was strong foul and by the 3rd clearance attempt I’d been swept back a mile and could make no further progress against the stream. Slowly the tide slacked allowing me to gain a little and I eventually reached Camaret. This is a nice harbour, very convenient in all respects except that the self-service fuel-supply system was ‘en panne’.

Camaret -> Morgat
A short hop as the crow flies but a long way round to get diesel and only 2 miles closer to the Raz de Sein.

Morgat -> Audierne
The Raz is reputed savage at springs so it needed another early start. Slack water (Raz) was predicted as between 06:22 & 06:37 (and maybe not TOO bad upto 07:07). As it’s 16 miles (with a foul tide–of course) that meant leaving at 03:whatever. Arrived at 07:03, which was pushing the slack water a bit. Happily the Passe de Trouziard followed its quiet reputation and the visible overfalls on the S side of the gap completely failed to wet the deck. Into Audierne while most boats were still setting out. The marina’s quite friendly and the gendarmes who run it haven’t bitten anyone recently. Sun (after sunrise) and calm.

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