Dance on the Duver

Dance on the Duver

22nd – 24th July 2016

The Dance on the Duver event is coming up in July in Bembridge Harbour. This is down as an ECA ‘B’ rally. I shall be going in Koto so if anyone else is interested in joining in let me know and we can see if we can get located together and make it an ‘A’ rally. This is a very popular weekend with lots going on and gets booked up fairly early each year. Details of the event can be found at:

You need to book Dance Tickets (£7.50 each) for the Saturday night and this can be done online at:

You also need to book for the Duver pontoons with the Harbour. The form is available from the ECA website (Berthing form 2016). They like you to arrive on Friday and stay for the Friday and Saturday nights as you will be rafted up to 5 (or more) out unless you book a finger berth. We normally stay Sunday night as well as the place is empty by about Sunday mid-morning. It’s not cheap at £30 per night for a 9m boat rafting.

If you have not been before it’s an excellent weekend (well I think so) but you must like children and crabs on Saturday. On Friday night there is usually food being served al-fresco and a folk band on the hard. Saturday night is the dance (burger included in ticket price) with a couple of good local groups, followed by some great fireworks. Sunday is entertainment morning for those of us not leaving as a mass exodus starts as soon as there is enough water (and sometimes when there isn’t). Watch and see how good other sailors close in manoeuvring is and feel you are not so bad after all. Once the mayhem is over, pop over for lobster salad at the Café on Fisherman’s Wharf and stare out at the harbour.


Neil Fuller (email in ECA Yearbook)

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