Easter Rally to the Medina

Easter being early this year, this is our first full rally of 2016.
The tides are convenient, but note that THE CLOCKS GO FORWARD on Sunday morning:

Tides (all at British STANDARD Time) for:
Portsmouth Cowes
Fri 12:44 4.7 12:57 4.1
Sat 13:16 4.6 13:29 4.1
Sun 14:47 4.5 15:01 4.0
Mon 15:18 4.4 15:35 4.0

For 4′ draft from EYH, exit is from 10:45 (on Friday) & return upto 17:20 (on Monday).

Our route, as booked, is to Shepard’s Wharf on Friday; then, on Saturday, we move up-river to Island Harbour, where we stay for 2 nights.
Access to Island Harbour is listed as HW +/- 3hrs so there’s no problem getting there. On Monday, exit should be from 12:30 giving nearly 5 hrs for the return to Emsworth.
Variants are Pontoon moorings at the Folly Inn for those with deeper draft who would have a narrower window at Island Harbour.
As a possible option, we could visit Newport on the Saturday, by boat for a lunch stop, or on Sunday if anyone wants to move then.

Drinks & nibbles Party will be on Saturday at Island Harbour at 17:30 for 18:00. There may also be impromptu parties at other times.
Cowes has all facilities with eating at restaurants, pubs & even fish’n'chips. Island Harbour has its own restaurant or we could walk down to the Folly Inn (for those who aren’t there already).

Possible outings for Sunday are: walk to Newport, or visit the Steam Railway near Wooton, and buses are available for round the Island tours. As a morning option on Saturday, Osborne house will be open from 10:00.

Communications by mobile to 07440 436139 or by e-mail to eaglebrowne@btinternet.com and on VHF ch 16/8 when under way.

Please let me know if you are hoping to via the the form below

To register an interest in this event please complete the details below and press Submit.




Important Note: The Skipper of any participating boat is fully responsible for their boat, crew, and their safety and navigation at all times. It is for individual Skippers to determine their passage arrangements taking into account weather/tides/vessel limitations/crew ability etc. during participation.

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