Summer cruise to St Malo & The Rance – 30th July to 14th August

After the successful cruise to Paimpol last year where 5 boats from the ECA went to the Chant Des Marins Festival some of us are planning another overseas rally, this time ending up on The Rance. If you are interested in joining in this B type Rally then do let me know in the next few weeks via the form below.

The current outline itinerary (all based on a 5Kn cruising speed for those with flappy bits and assuming good weather) is to leave on Saturday 30th July leaving about 03:30 BST which will mean being on the waiting pontoon overnight if based in EYH. We should arrive at Cherbourg about 18:30 BST. (Sorry I use BST as I tend to leave my watch on it so not confused when hopping back and forth between timezones).

Sunday 31st July will be a leisurely day in Cherbourg to recover and get ready for the next day.

On Monday 1st August, depart Cherbourg at around 06:00 BST to make the Cap de la Hague for 10:00 BST which is 1 hour before HW Dover so slack tide. Plan is to go to St Peter Port with the tide and arrive around 16:00 BST depending on conditions.

On Tuesday 2nd August, depart St Peter Port at around 14:30 BST for St Helier, arriving at around 19:00 BST (high tide).

Wednesday 3rd August is another stopover day to sample the delights of Jersey.

On Thursday 4th August, depart St Helier at 10:00 BST for ST Malo, arriving around 18:00 BST or so. It will be springs so strong tidal currents. Arrival will be a couple of hours before HW.

Friday 5th August to Monday 8th August, rally goers can decide to go up The Rance, stay around St Malo/Dinard, or perhaps cruise further West. It depends how brave you feel facing the barrage and the water levels in The Rance. Ideally we could get as far as Dinan. It is all flexible and dependent on barrage opening times etc.

Tuesday 9th August is for everyone who wants to congregate back in St Malo ready for the return leg.

On Wednesday 10th August, depart St Malo at 08:30 BST for Granville, arriving around 12:00 BST.

Thursday 11th August is a stopover day to explore Granville.

On Friday 12th August, depart Granville at 10:30 BST (or as soon as tide allows) to make for Carteret arriving no later than 16:30 BST. This is dead on neaps and timings should just about work for a 1.5m draft at standard pressure 1013mb, so may be optimistic. Alternative is to head off to Jersey and anchor off one of the bays (Bouley Bay?) to the North East overnight.

On Saturday 13th August, Depart Carteret (or Jersey anchorage) at 12:30 BST (or earlier if at anchor) to arrive in Dielette around 15:30 BST.

On Sunday 14th August, Depart Dielette at 05:45 BST to be at the Cap de la Hague for 07:45 BST (HW Dover -1) so slack tide again. With reasonable weather Emsworth should be possible by 22:45 BST which is 1 hour after HW but probably one of the lowest high tides so some boats may struggle so allow for getting in the day after.

These weeks were chosen as it gives fairly reasonable times so we don’t have to get up a too many insane times to make tidal gates and we will be going with the tidal currents for most of the port to port hops.

Of course this well laid plan will be in tatters by day 1 as I am sure the weather will not co-operate as much as it did last year. It may make sense to leave St Malo a day earlier to give more time to get back. If you just want to get to Guernsey or Jersey and in company then why not just join us for the start.

If anyone spots any ‘deliberate’ mistakes in any of the above please do point them out.

To register an interest in this event please complete the details below and press Submit.





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