Rally Report: The Frostbite Rally and Burns Supper 23/01/2016

Spurning the delights of the Gosport Fleshpots, this year’s Rally consisted of a day sail around a 10.36hrs, 4.7m HW, followed by a Burns Night Supper at the Sussex Brewery.
Tringa II was crewed by  a new Member, Jane Hoolahan, and Graham Davis-Wendy had to stay at home to nurse Jack, who had injured his paw doing what Jack Russells do best, trying to sneak through a fence.

After motoring down to Fishermans, Graham helmed Tringa II until 11.00hrs, while what wind there was varied between a beat and a tight reach. Pearl motored past us, on bare poles, as their sails were not back from sail makers in time. They got furthest South of all, before heading back towards EYH, looping round a still South bound Tringa II, to wave and chat. Tony Browne in Elwing II was first away from EYH and last back having sailed furthest of all, getting beyond Marker, eastwards of the HISC moorings, before turning for EYH.

Tringa II turned above Mill Rythe bouy, as the South wind filled a little, Jane then helmed on the run all the way home almost, achieving the highest speed of the day- 2.1kts! We sailed all the way back up the Emsworth Channel, up past Fishermans to the Tide Gauge off the Town pontoon, passing Pearl on the ‘Waiting pontoon’ enjoying a tea break, then
motored into EYH, Dick helming in case Tringa II hit something expensive-Skippers fault then, no question! After Dick managed to reverse park keel up to facilitate the Liferafts removal from the pushpit for it’s three year service, everyone dispersed to buy antifouling, visit own boats etc, etc.

17.30hrs saw drinks and nibbles on Tringa II, then off to the Burns Supper at 19.00hrs in the Sussex.  Here nine of the intrepid day sailors encountered a very generous portion of haggis, with traditional neaps and tatties, and a dram or two, but fortunately no piper- in the backroom of the Sussex, there would have been a few burst eardrums for sure!

Next morning, around 11.00hrs, joined by our Commodore and his Lady, five of the survivors enjoyed a hearty fried breakfast before gradually dispersing to prepare for the coming week.

Dick Tyrrell, OoD
Tringa II of Hamble

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