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Situation Vacant-Rear Commodore Cruising

There is a vacancy for 2015/6 for this very important, key, organising position within the Club. After all, getting out on the water together is what the ECA is all about.

For a real, honest, job description, ring Nicky Harrison or Dick Tyrrell who have both done the job and will advise you as to the highs and lows of this pivotal position in the Club. You do not need to attend all the rallies as Volunteer Officers of the Day (OoD’s) will coordinate each Rally’s actual berthing and dining bookings.

Salary & Benefits: Much enjoyable work, Our thanks and larger boat numbers at rallies. Plus you get a ‘posh’ ECA Flag Officers Burgee to fly from your starboard signal halliard on the boat (having a boat is useful, but not vital!).

Skill set: Previous service in a Press Gang or Telephone Sales will be useful each winter when persuading OoDs to choose and run a Rally next season.

Career Prospects: If you do a good job, you can end up as Vice-Commodore or Commodore of the ECA!

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