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Dear ECA Member,

Despite the lack of an OOD for the early May bank holiday rally, 3 ECA boats (Ruahine, Carina and Elwing II) made their way to the Medina and had a great time at the Folly and Island Harbour marina.  2 boats returned safely home before the gales this week, with Carina sitting it out in Southampton and planning to return later this week.

For future rallies the full programme for this year is available on the website here and the upcoming events are shown below. The Late Spring Southampton Rally notes have already been published and are available via the link below. If you wish to come, and have not already done so,  please contact Neil via the rally notes web page as soon as possibly.

May 23 – 25 Late Spring Southampton Rally (A) - Hythe
May 29 – 31 Yarmouth Old Gaffers Festival  (B) - Yarmouth + Shepards Wharf
June 20 – 21 Cowes Rally (A) - Shepards Wharf

1) The ECA “core” rallies are shown as (A) above

2) Additional ECA rallies, subject to demand, are shown as (B) above

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