ECA Late Spring Holiday Southampton Rally to Hythe – May 23rd to 25th

Late Spring Holiday Southampton Rally to Hythe – May 23rd to 25th

All, early notification of the Hythe Rally as I need to firm up boat numbers as soon as possible as there are limited spaces at Hythe. If you could register your interest via the form below as soon as possible please.

OOD: Neil Fuller (Koto)

Tides (From Reeds adjusted for secondary ports)

Saturday              23rd May            HW Emsworth BST    16:30 (4.4m)

HW Southampton BST (Hythe) 15:20 (4.0m)

Monday               25th May             HW Emsworth BST    18:00 (4.0m)

HW Southampton BST (Hythe)  17:35 (3.9m)

Saturday 23rd May

Latish afternoon tide and nearing neaps so 1m+ over the Emsworth sill from about about 1 hour 50 mins before HW so for those of us with shallow keels departure around 14:40.

We are booked into Hythe Marina on Southampton Water on the Saturday and Sunday nights. Access to Hythe is 24 hours via lock. There is a waiting pontoon outside the lock and free flow lights (which I don’t think many of us will trouble). There is a long HW stand at neaps in Southampton Water.

Drinks and nibbles on Koto from 19:00 on with a meal to be booked at Hobbits for 20:00. The menu choices available are available at and is the evening menu.

Sunday 24th May

Free day. Lots of walks in and around Hythe, perhaps even to Beaulieu (about 6km each way, unfortunately no bus service on Sundays). There is the regular Hythe ferry to Southampton for those who want to shop or visit the historic walls/museums etc.

Reconvene at 18:00 on Koto for usual drinks and nibbles. We are proposing we do as was done at the Easter Rally and everyone chip in components for the evening meal which we can also host on Koto.

Monday 25th May

High Water is in early evening so a leisurely sail in the Solent and back to home berths is the order of the day.

If you wish to attend this rally please complete the form via the form below. Please send the OOD your menu choices at least 48 hours in advance of the rally date as we need to let the restaurant know our choices in advance.


To register an interest in this event please complete the details below and press Submit.



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