Advance notice:Dancing (on the Duver) in the Moonlight

This is a very, very advanced warning!

For some years there has been an ECA presence at the Dance on the Duver (Bembridge).

It is held at Atrill’s Boatyard from 5:30 till 11.00 on Saturday 1st August. There is live music, a bar, a BBQ, fireworks- and a marquee covering the lot in case of damp. It supports the local IOW Hospice and the RNLI.

Tickets are already available online (they will later be available from Island outlets as yet unspecified). Organisers count on a sellout well before the event so if you would like to attend it’s worth keeping an eye on the website at They are not likely to be available on the gate.

You will ALSO have to arrange your berth with Duver Marina. As they are organising a parallel event they would like boats to be in the Marina by Friday 31st July but say berthing priority will be given to Dance ticket holders.

In view of this, this event won’t be a conventional ECA Rally: for one thing most evening entertainment is likely to be centred on the boatyard. However, I have had good reports on the Dance and will call nearer the time for numbers, so hopefully Members can enjoy the event in company.

You may now return to your anti-fouling activities.

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