ECA Newport Jazz Festival Rally 19-20 July 2014 – Island Harbour/Folly Inn Pontoons

ECA Newport Jazz Festival Rally 19-20 July 2014 – Island Harbour/Folly Inn Pontoons
Portsmouth HW:
Fri 18/07/14; 04.07 4.5m & 17.03 4.6m,
Sat 19/07/14; 05.06 4.3m & 18.07 4.4m
Sun 20/07/14; 06.24 4.1m & 19.06 4.2m

Hi All, I have ‘volunteered’ as OoD of this Rally, as at the EYH dance last Saturday night!
However, due to other commitments, Tringa II can only leave EYH on the Sat 05.06 am HW window. So we will be on the Folly Inn mid river pontoons sometime after noon on Saturday 19/07/14.

Drinks and nibbles on Tringa II at 18.00 on Saturday as usual, for all those not totally absorbed into the Jazz Festival.
I’m happy to try and book a table at the Folly Inn or the “Breeze” in IHM for a meal/lunch, if enough people are interested and there is space. If no luck, we can dine on Tringa II.

Please complete the ECA website booking form below or e-mail me (webmaster may have escaped to actually go sailing!!!) ASAP, as I need to know who hopes to attend, and whether you want a berth in Island Harbour or on the Folly pontoons. Currently I’ve only booked for 6 places on the Folly pontoons.


To register an interest in this event please complete the details below and press Submit.




Please will all ECA skippers call ‘Folly Launch’ on VHF Ch 72 as they pass the River Medina port hand marker number 10 to announce their arrival and to be given berthing instructions.

Please Identify yourself as part of the ECA Rally. We have been allocated a small number of berths on the Folly Walk ashore pontoons

Most mobos can usually make the IHM lock in one tide from EYH, most yachts will probably need two tides from EYH.

Depth and IHM access times are critical to each vessel, so here is the link to IHM access webpage:
We are looking at fairly small and reducing tidal ranges and windows that weekend too.

Dick Tyrrell
(m) 07939240289
MMSI 235005408
Listening VHF Ch 16 & working Ch 08 while on the move.
Monitoring Ch72-Folly Berthing Master on H/held when stopped.

Currently attending are;
Tringa II of Hamble; Dick & Alice
Carina; John & Julie
Ruahine(tbc); Graham & Wendy

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