Cruise in Company to Normandie from 01/02

Tringa II’s offer of a June Cruise in Company Dates 01/02 June(leaving Cowes?)-18/19 June(back in EYH)
After the ECA Yogaff Rally, Alice and I hope to sail on the Sunday, more likely the Monday 02/06/2014, for Normandie, and if the weather is settled, be in one of the harbours along the D-Day beaches, probably Courseilles-sur-Mer for the 6-9th June. Depending on the wind, first French port will be either Le Havre or Cherbourg.

We will then cruise West-depending on the weather, towards Grandcamp Maisey, St Vaast, Cherbourg, Dielette, possibly Carteret, Portbail, Granville, Iles Chausey, Mont st Michel, maybe St Malo, then back, possibly via Guernsey and Alderney.

Probably won’t get to all of them for sure, as intend to enjoy the Sunday & Tuesday etc markets, any Festivals encountered along the way, a few lunches and relax a bit.

Any other ECA boats are welcome to join us, we won’t be going out in F6 and above, or wind over tide situations- one dose of that in the Alderney Race top N end is enough for anyone.

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