ECA Fitting Out and Cruise Planning Supper

ECA  Fitting Out & Cruise Planning Supper Saturday 22nd March 2014

18.45 for 19.00 At Eames Farm, Thorney Road, Thorney Island, Emsworth

This will be our last shore based meeting of the winter, as our main 2014 Rally Programme will have begun with the Mad March Rally to Bembridge on the 15th & 16th March 2014.

Lets hope our trip there is more successful than our Frostbite and Shakedown Rallies, which were washed or blown away with the January and February Storms.

The meal theme this time will be a Fish & Chip Takeaway Supper from Mother Kelly’s in Emsworth.

There will be a choice of Cod & Chips, or a Vegetarian option of Cheese & Veg Country Bake* & Chips.

Salt & Pepper, vinegar, brown and tomato sauce, with sliced pickled cucumber and possibly pickled onions will be provided. You’ll have to bring your own pickled eggs!

To follow; just Coffee, Tea, and a Cheeseboard, Biscuits and fruit boards, as Mother Kelly’s chip portions can be quite large.

*(The Cheese and Veg Country Bake looks like a big fish cake and is served in a burger bun with lettuce and mayo.

If there is anyone in your party with both Fish and Dairy allergies, please let me know asap!)

Please bring your own liquid refreshments (and glasses if possible).

We will be collecting from Mother Kelly’s around 19.00 and serving up as soon as the food arrives at the Farm, so please arrive on time, as the kitchen facilities for reheating at the venue are restricted, and cold, soggy chips are Ugh!

After the meal, as is traditional, our Rear Commodore (Cruising), John Strickland will co-ordinate our Club and Personal Cruising in Company Plans for 2014 to see who is sailing where and when, and if there are likely to be informal Rallies (2 or more boats in the same foreign harbour count!). Then we can all have a good chat about how well (or not) our list of boat jobs is going, and what weather we’ll have this season, and swop tips and experience.

We must quietly vacate the Farm before 22.00hrs under the Conservancy hiring terms.

There is plenty of off road parking, just drop your crew off by the entrance, drive up past the Stables itself, thru the gate, up the track, turn in the ‘circle’ at the top and berth portside to, close behind the car in front, facing back towards the Stables, to ensure a hassle free exit for everyone at the end of the night.

To help us and the outside caterers get the quantities and support right on the night:

Please let us know by 09.00hrs Friday 21st March  2014 if you are coming and indicate your number of diners and choices via the form on the Club website (please see the latest posting link below) , or by e-mail or post using the form below.

Your Club Committee look forward to seeing you there

Dick Tyrrell
(m) 07939 240289 for texts


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