ECA Frostbite Rally to Royal Clarence Marina Portsmouth

The ECA Frostbite Rally to Royal Clarence Marina Portsmouth

Plan A 04&05 January 2014;

Dover HW 04 Saturday 00.33 7.0m & 12.57 6.9m  & 05 Sunday 01.21 7.0m & 13.47 6.7m


Plan B 18&19 January 2014;

Dover HW 18 Saturday 00.06 6.6m 12.17 6.4mm & 19 Sunday 00.38 6.6m & 12.47 6.3m

Emsworth Cruising Association prides itself on being one of the first clubs in the Solent to start the rally season, so we begin 2014 with the Frostbite Rally. A choice of two weekends weather windows this year should leave us with a good chance of actually getting to the venue!

Our Plan A is the first weekend, but if blowing dogs orf their leads, Plan B, the second weekend clicks into place.

Please book in via the form on the ECA website and make sure you text my mobile  with  your intentions on the Saturday if the weather looks iffy for the Rally on the day.

We are off again to the exotic climes  (!?!?) of Gosport, a location that allows a short hop to blow the cobwebs out of the sails or engines for most, followed by a choice of warm eating and drinking venues.

Drinks and nibbles are planned for 16:00 pm on Tringa II of Hamble.

Then we have a choice of eating venues for the rally, there are good Restaurants near the marina complexes and locally in Gosport High Street, but if you would all like to confirm your tastes I will be happy to book a table at a Restaurant of you choice nearer the time when we have the numbers attending (it is a Gosport Saturday night, after all).

I look forward to seeing all you rosy cheeked and invigorated hardy 365 day boaters after a brisk passage, in the smooth, ferry wake free waters of the Royal Clarence Marina.

Dick Tyrrell

Tringa II of Hamble

Mobile 07939240289 Contact VHF Channel 16 / 72

To register an interest in this event please complete the details below and press Submit.




Participating skippers are reminded that all ECA rallies and events are carried out under rule 22 of the Emsworth Cruising Association Rules as published in the Emsworth Cruising Association Yearbook.

Participation in an ECA rally or event is taken as acknowledgement and understanding of this rule.

The ECA draws the attention to skippers and crew attending, that full responsibility is given for sea worthiness of boats and experience of crew attending, is held with the skipper of the boat sailing to the rally, all information given in guidance should be checked before setting out.

It is a recommendation of the ECA and the RYA that full and working safety equipment is carried on board for the protection of crew as laid down in RYA guidelines.  Third party insurance must be valid for the boat taking part.

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