Sailing from the Hamble

Hi Every one, We hope you are enjoying the summer sailing, Well with the weather these days its difficult to get a good sail in at the week ends, so I thought I would cancel some clinical work last week and bring back the ‘Cat’ to Emsworth. Sunny weather always makes the helmsman happier. With the contract up at Deacons Boat Yard we had to move her back, so on Thursday afternoon we took the tide, motoring down the river and then raising sail at the entrance into Southampton Water and cutting the engine as we approached the entrance to the river. The wind gauge was reporting 26 knots of wind from the SW. Well the question was either to turn back or carry on but we took the later, with just the Genoa and a confused sea with a swell of 750mm we set our course!
Patricia Anne headed for the Island in order to get some shelter and for the next 10 NM’s we didn’t have to alter the sail one inch. Heading for the Forts in lighter winds we extended the foresail and averaged a good 6.5 to 8.5 ktns keeping just out of the starboard side of the shipping lane. The beaches of Southsea , Langstone and Hayling shot by and the West Pole soon came into view by late afternoon, as by now there was quite a following sea, we stayed out as long of we could, gently bringing her round to 80′ to take in the east side of the pole, it was only then that the we had to change the Genoa’s position from Port to Starboard powering us through into Chi Harbour’s Entrance still keeping up our 6.5 plus knots. The chill of the early evening was now upon us as the sail shadowed the decks, adding warmer clothing kept the chills away with added’crew cuddles’ crouched low behind the coach roof in Paticia Anne’s cockpit in order to keep warm. We arrived early for the tide to take us up into Dolphin Quay but moored along side one of the moored boats in order to pick a ‘Chinese’ to boost the crew’s blood sugar. The whole trip had taken us 5 hours with only one sail change…..;-) its been a long time since the weather has allowed that. On checking my Log it was about 4 years ago since the weather conditions allowed for such a sail.
Well done to Ruth and for her great mastering of the tiller and her crewing, she is learning fast…a little seasick at Chi but soon recovered on passing the Bar . She is soon to take her RYA Course, we wish her success. Enjoyable sailing to all whether those sea are near or far.

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