To the Baltics: Saturday 8th June – Tuesday 11th June

Saturday 8 June 2013
Changed our minds as to going to Kalmar, wind gently from the starboard quarter, sun playing with the cloud and mostly winning, we settled on Borgsholm.  It is another 20 nM further on, closer to Gotland.  This makes for more time if the weather breaks.
Went to go shopping and found that Netto had shut at 1800 and we did not arrive until 1810! then we inquired about  fuel and were told that  there were faults with the harbour fuel tank! Talk about Murphy’s law.
We ended up eating at a “kebab House” served by a very efficient Chinese waitress.

Sunday 9 June 2013
Sunny, no wind so motor sail again to Byxelkrok, the most northerly settlement in Ôland (pronounced Erland) . Set off in hot sun, flat sea and just enough wind to fill the genoa but not reduce the revs, oh well.  Sky full of  rain clouds over mainland but only sea breeze clouds over Ôrland.
About 1400, three drops of rain start on the boat, just after we had arrived the heavens  opened up, thunder and lightening roars, and A gets soaked shoes and jeans going to the, yes you’ve guessed it, now closed shop pin Byxelkrok. So walk back and A gets thoroughly soaked right through, as heavy rain came straight through the fabric of her brolly.  After supper we went for a walk and a beer.
On inspecting the Systembolagt (the Swedish state off licence shop where beers of +3% alcohol and sprits and wines may be purchased) and the supermarket, both closed still, we looked to see any signs of life in the very many cafés around. One looked as though there were customers present, walked in only to be told “we are closed”.  So we went back to the boat just before the heavens opened up,again.  Murphy please go back to sleep.

Monday 10 June 2013
Slept in, so were ready for getting boat fuelled up and changing mooring to alongside which Swedes, if they can, prefer. Then we shopped in two traunches, first food then beer, yes a bit expensive but T2 can only carry so much.   We had stocked up with wine in Denmark so the most expensive alcohol beverage has been taken care.
We then did genuine engine checks, topped up the engine oil with a little oil then looked   at the sea water strainer.  It was full of a sticky, slimy green algal growth. So, after the reverse flush with hose pipe treatment, as we had filled up with drinking water just a couple of hours  ago, and then blowing back down the inlet without success, we applied the dinghy pump treatment.
A Huge bubble of air bubbled up the hull but still very little clear flow of water, so A just applied the floor inflating nozzle to the inlet pipe and pumped and pumped and pumped. Success.
Early evening meal at the local Greek “Taverna”.  A’s moussaka was cooked to death, however no complaints about R’s chicken kebabs .
Only about 10 other customers.  It is still very early season, as the sudden rain squall showed. A few beers and so to sleep and dream.

Tuesday 11 June
Set off at crack of dawn,for us, well about 0625.  Cool sunny and little wind.  Forecast NNW >8 m/s (that’s 4knots or F2on Beaufort scale to Brits, French, Dutch, Belgians, Germans and sometimes the Danes).
Well the sun shone and the sea breeze killed the wind, so we motor sailed again.
Arrived at our first planned  destination, Burgsvik, on the island of Gotland at 1750, with an sudden F4 squall blowing us off the quayside as we arrived, only for it to die as abruptly  about 30 minutes after we had finally tied up alongside.
Sods Law of the Sea very definitely alive and well in Sweden too!
We will not be sailing much more this week, as some Family are already here and more arriving by the weekend.
The Tringa II rolling stones will be gathering some moss, so we may not be writing any more blog until Sunday/Monday.

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