To the Baltics: Sunday 2nd June – Friday 7th June

Sunday 02 June
Rest day in theory, but a ‘small job’ of cleaning and draining the bilges led to discover of a small, slow leak at fwd edge of grp/grounding plate interface; probably from one of those Kiel Kanal shallow points/ obstructions everyone was complaining we all found Eastbound when the big ‘uns forced us over then sucked all the water away.

We’d put the auto bilge pump going more often down to the stern gland needing a tighten again, with all the motoring in Kanal and Belt channels and the pump sensor needing a clean. So did those, and it still went off too often. Up with the saloon floorboards and there went our Sunday lunch buffet at the Klintehaven Smoke House’s Restaurant.

Deployed Starbrite (used to be Ding Putty) instant underwater putty, but not all stuck successfully, the seep slowed right down but not stopped. Good chandlers in Ystad, so will get some more and redo seeping bits with a pressure plate on top and R standing on that until set!
We also need charts up to Stockholm & Gotland, and a 2013 Swedish Båttourist pilot book

‘Highlander’ returned the previous nights hospitality and there was a Happy Ending to Danish ex yottie instructor mobo moaner incident;
He came and apologised to Dorothy on Sunday morning for being so angry and abusive yesterday when the wind drove them onto his mobo.

Just as well, Dorothy learnt to sail the RYA way in England, is a keen racer, has done a Fastnet, and until the recession began to bite in Germany,  ran both a German yacht charter business with Klaus , in addition to being a Pharmacist, with her own shop/dispensary partnership with another female Pharmacist.

Monday 03 June
09.25, off again, with the ‘contrite’ Danish ex yotty mobo owner helped Dorothy & Klaus spring ‘Highlander’ off, then sprung ourselves off successfully with the space thus gained in an on jetty wind gusting to 20kts with the ‘contrite ‘Dane standing ready in case a warp jammed.

Wind steady 16-18 kits, gusting 20kts, sailed past the striking white cliffs E of Klint, kept up with ‘Highlander’ til they put their main up as well as their 120% genoa, then they went off at 8+kits to our 5-6kts and were soon hull down on the horizon.

The Coaster, the ferry ‘Gryff’ , and us:
The ferry Gryff kept on calling on Ch16 a coaster just behind and overtaking us.
Gryff, who was ahead and approaching both of us on our stbd bows, wanted to know the intentions of the coaster on Ch 16.  No answer was obtained despite the ferry requesting a half dozen times at least, and the jaws of the nutcracker were closing fast, and T2 was the nut!
So Dick, taking no chances, even though we had right of way over the coaster as the vessel being overtaken, turned 180º and,facing the coaster, avoided him by turning hard to port, as the ferry altered to stbd and speeded up to keep clear ahead of the undeviating, unresponsive, coaster.
We kept the offending vessel on our starboard bow quarter until he passed us by about half an Nm. There may not have been anyone on the bridge, just George the autopilot.
Shortly after we and the ferry had avoided it, the coaster turned to port, on line for the Bornholm TSS, like it was on rails-definite only ‘George’ on watch, I reckon.
Very brisk Southerly wet aft cabin carpet sail, 7kts at one point, surfing on following seas, and arrived in Ystad at 20.00hrs, 2.5 hrs exactly after ‘Highlander’ got in.
Windy but sunny evening, regular passenger train service here, very regular, about one every 15 mins, slowing for the level crossing just inshore from the harbour.
Wind getting up-is it the Danish Gale arriving?
It’s a Long Long walk round the harbour, all round the Tally card machine/HM office, facilities, and restaurant, are unfinished building works-a digger is clearly digging up the pavements and walking areas, etc, perhaps delayed by the longer winter, but  there are already brand new wooden boardwalks / jetties all round the harbour.  We said our good-byes to Dorothy and Klaus as they were off to Killinge tomorrow.

Tuesday 04 June
Changed berth to be closer to HM, toilets, showers etc, they do not want grey water discharged.  R then chatted to a diver who had been requested to see to a German charter boat’s propeller.  Dick helped the language barrier then requested the diver to look  at our hull and if there was a crack to be seen as the leak had not yet been fixed. Diver then stuffed the last of our Ding putty up the millimetre wide crack to  reduce the flow still further.
Shopped in “Aladdin’s cave” alias Takel och Tåg, the local chandlers who will supply anything needed on a boat of about twenty five  to forty five feet long and built between 1700 to present day.  Charles visit them if you can, it’s just the place for traditional rope from ø 1″ to 4″  in hemp.  We needed some Star Bright Ding putty.  No Ding putty but ‘Stay Afloat’ leak stopper gunge in a pot. We took the whole stock of two pots. We also bought many charts and a harbour guide.
Smoked fish from the local fish smoke house and restaurant for lunch. then to stop the leak.  Success!
Went up to Maria Kirk at 21.00, heard the curfew bells peal, then at 21.15, a man blows a deep noted horn to sound the “All Clear” from the N, then E, S, W windows, every quarter hour through the night- a continuous tradition since medieval times in Ystrad.
Tomorrow back to Denmark, Bornholm Island.

Wednesday 05 June
0900hr set off. Motor sail all day. Little wind mostly on the nose.  Manage to get to Tejn. The harbour guide said it was the quietest harbour on Bornholm, it certainly was. There was a restaurant on the harbour which we visited.  There was only one person eating there, A was doubtful, but we went in anyway.  The meal was good, beer plentiful and there was a lot of noise coming from what we thought was the kitchen.
It turned out to to be the pub section, complete with enough smoke to satisfy three olde English pubs before the smoking ban.  We went in and were and immediately the centre of attraction, as coming all the way from England. A went back to boat to write this. R came back later, much later.

Thursday 06 June
Off to Sweden again.  This time to Sandhamn, a small fishing and old light commercial port.  Leading lights, or marks were right into the setting sun. Good thing R had set up waypoints for the entrance.
After a very long day it was very difficult to get alongside the remaining space at the very end of the quay as T2′s keel was half up, the wind such as it was, blew us off, and there were shallows just off the quay, but with the help of a very friendly and patient HM we did it.  The mooring”cleats” were old iron bollards.  After supper, so to bed.

Friday 07  June
Woke late, no wind again, so decided to go to Berkvara rather than 40 km further away City of Kalmar.
Did laundry, (the drying took over two and half hours!) tidied boat, had supper,watched the sun set.  Kalmar tomorrow.

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