To the Baltics 2013 – part 2

Monday 29 April

Arrived Dieppe after pleasant motor sail up the coast completing a 25 mile journey in some 4 hours, the log reading 7 knots at times. Called up ‘Dieppe Port’  on channel 12 as per Pilot books, several times as they did not seem to want to respond to us. In the end we spoke in English to show who we were!  Finally having entered the port we called up the Marina, channel 09 but reception was very bad, so be prepare to repeat and get marina to repeat if you don’t hear clearly.  This is a well known problem, it is to do with VhF line of sight and the number of boat movements.

Then 4 or5 trawlers came charging out of the marina channel, which already had a dredger working in it, a Gendarmie cutter and tug moored across the hammerhead of our designated pontoon, oh, and a work boat with engine  problems near our berth. No stress, right?

Tuesday 30 April 2013.
Up at 08.00, much Angst about whether to go to Boulogne or not today. 55nm at 5kts or so equals an 11 hour day. Very few ports of refuge between Dieppe and B, and they are only accessible at top tide, being drying harbours,  which would make the second stage difficult.  Because forecast was 5-7 NE we decided to stay in D.
Went to lunch, shared huge double decker ‘Marine’fruit de mer, took 3 hours to eat! Thank goodness we didn’t have the ‘Royal’. We ate outside, sun so hot that we took off coats and jerseys, so got worried that weather was now ok for sailing, however, when finished and started to walk around to pier and beach were nearly swept off our feet in the wind! So that’s why everyone had their thick coats done up.
 Good call not to go, as 2m swell against outer harbour inner wall and big scend into marina  even behind the big wave break, making walking on pontoons v difficult. Boat all over the place, too. Not the lunch’s fault at all.
Rolled to wind and swell all evening, even with full keel down. Stayed on board, as did not fancy using rolling pontoons after dark.
 Thursday may have to be our sailing day because of these north easterly winds and the swell.  Anticyclone sitting over Biscay is the problem.

Dick & Alice

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