ECA Frostbite Rally 2013 update

Now we are 7 boats
WitchHazel has declared for the Frostbite Rally.
Gabriel’s crew are coming on board Tringa II & Ruahine’s aboard Carina.

It’s looking like this coming weekend 11/12/13 January is the Rally, per the 5&7 day forecasts I’m watching.
Final decision will be on Thursday, probably am, when I will e-mail all the declared Crews, after mulling over the forecasts for the weekend, for going,and even more , coming back. Of course, if a F7, gusting F8,9,10 comes in Friday night, and stays til Saturday, we may need to think again?
It looks like Easterlies on the Saturday around HW time at the moment.
Dick Tyrrell

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