22.      Members of the Association and their guests and visitors use the Association premises, boats, moorings and other facilities provided by the Association entirely at their own risk and agree to, and accept, the following limitation of liability.

 Each member acknowledges that the Committee members and others organising or helping to organise Emsworth Cruising Association (ECA) events do so voluntarily and that to the extent permitted by law neither they, nor the ECA Committee, nor the ECA, can in any circumstances be held responsible for any injury, loss, or damage to an owner, member, crew, guest, vessel, or equipment whether through negligence or otherwise of any member, organiser, helper, or third party. The safety and management of any vessel, its equipment and crew is at all times the responsibility of the skipper. No ECA event shall be considered a training event unless it is specifically designated as such. Each skipper in an ECA event must assess for himself whether the event is within his capabilities and whether or not his personal safety or that of his crew could be endangered. By participating in an ECA event, each skipper warrants that his vessel and crew are adequate to face the conditions that may arise during the course of the event and that the boat carries appropriate third party insurance. The participation of any other vessel in an event shall not relieve other participants of their responsibilities. Members, their crews and their guests take part in ECA events entirely at their own risk and on the understanding that they indemnify the ECA, Committee members, and others organising or helping to organise the event for any death, injury, loss or damage to themselves, family, crew, guests or vessel. By inviting crew or guests to participate in an event organised by the Association the sponsoring member warrants that their attention has been drawn to these limitations. The Association, to the extent permitted by law, will not accept any liability for personal injury sustained by members, guests or visitors arising out of the use of premises leased or hired or owned by the Association or any other facilities provided by the Association. Participation in any ECA activity, whether afloat or ashore, is always on the basis of the ECA constitution and rules.