07 to 16 August 2012 ECA Channel Cruise in Company
Cherbourg or le Havre, then Courseulles-sur-Mer, Baie de la Seine.

August 2012 offers ECA members a chance to cruise cross-channel in company. So if you’re a seasoned Channel crosser or a X-Manche virgin this cruise will provide the opportunity to sail as part of a social group rather than set off into the wide blue yonder on your own.
There is little point in going into too much detail over the navigational concerns at this stage. A lot will depend on wind and tide on the day, and of course, for the rest of the cruise period. Members intending to participate on the Rally should therefore text or e-mail their Estimated Day/Time of Departure from homeports and Estimated Day/Time of Arrival at Cherbourg to Dick & Alice not later than Thursday 26/07/2012.
Cherbourg is a popular summer rally venue, so we will try to book in at the Cherbourg marina once participants are known, or arrive on a Sunday/Monday as the weekend rallies and racers head back to the Solent!
The intention is to sail across in company if possible to during daylight hours staying a few days in Courseulles-sur-Mer, Normandie, for the 50th Anniversary of the Ver-sur-Mer Sailing Club between 10-14th August and back to UK by Friday 17/08/10 via other Baie ports.
Dick & Alice on ‘Tringa II’ will be looking to depart from the Solent on the 6 or 7th August to be in Courseulles-sur-Mer, just east of Arromanches, at HW on the 9th August, weather permitting, thereafter sailing towards Cherbourg or Le Havre. This plan depends on settled weather for the Baie de la Seine.
There may therefore be several opportunities to cross in company, according to other yachts sailing plans.
We have two possible jumping off points, depending where in the Solent your boat is kept – The Nab Tower or the Needles Fairway Buoy, possibly via an overnight stay in Lymington or Yarmouth IoW. My usual personal preference is for the Nab Tower, other skippers preferences may be different.
The first intended Rally destinations will be Le Havre or Cherbourg as large targets with safe deep water harbours enjoying 24 hour access. Tringa II usually takes 12-14hrs to get from leaving their mooring to berthed in Cherbourg or Le Havre, another all tide port.
In order to keep night sailing to a minimum for those new to the Channel it would make sense to leave Emsworth on the previous afternoon tide, cross to Priory Bay northwest of St Helens Fort and anchor for a few hours, weather permitting. It is approximately 65nm from St Helens to Cherbourg and 74nm approx to Le Havre, so a departure time of 02:00 to 04:00hrs will enable the crossing to be almost completely in daylight.
Once we’re all in Cherbourg or Le Havre, other destinations to the East and West can be decided on in view of local conditions and everyone’s wishes.
All are more than welcome but we particularly hope that those of you who haven’t made it across yet will feel encouraged to come along.
Tringa II will be more than happy to act as “mother ship” and offer assistance and company on the way across.
The Skipper should ensure that adequate safety equipment for the whole crew is carried, the boat & crew’s papers are in order and the vessel is well found and able to cope with the conditions which may be encountered in a Channel crossing. Guidance is available on the RYA website for ‘going foreign’.
It is now a legal requirement for a Skipper to prepare a Passage Plan for any trip leaving sheltered waters (eg; Chi. Hbr.). It must include the weather forecasts consulted by the Skipper in deciding whether or not to sail that day.
If you have not done such a trip or passage plan before, Dick will be happy to discuss your plans and share our experience prior to the crossing.
Please use mobile/e-mail/vhf only to contact us.
Dick & Alice Tyrrell “Tringa II of Hamble”
Email: AYBK59@dsl.pipex.com
Mobile: +(44)7939 240 289 (please identify callers number)
VHF: Channels 16/77
MMSI: 235005408


Participating skippers are reminded that all ECA rallies and events are carried out under Rule 22 of the Emsworth Cruising Association Rules as published in the Emsworth Cruising Association Yearbook.
Participation in an ECA rally or event is taken as acknowledgement and understanding of this rule.

This event is for members and their crews only.
Notifications by 26th July.
For urgency, use the 'SUBMIT' button below or phone or e-mail as above or print this form and post to:-
Dick Tyrrell, whose address is in the Year Book


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