ECA Rally to the Duver Pontoon, Bembridge, IOW: 24th / 25th March 2012

Last year we had an eventful and successful rally; the weather is again predicted to be excellent, so do join us over the weekend.
Space has been reserved for Saturday on the Duver Pontoon, Starboard side of the channel, please hail Bembridge VHF channel 80 and tell them you are on the ECA rally after you have passed the tide gauge. Some of you may wish to come over and join us on the Friday. I will listen out on Channel 77 or mobile 07836 667 471 so keep in touch.
Tides are around springs and boats drawing 2 meters or more could touch bottom at low tide.
Friday 23rd March HW Portsmouth GMT/UTC 11:50 (4.5m)
Saturday 24th March HW Portsmouth GMT/UTC 00:08 (4.6m)
12:22 (4.5m)
Sunday 25th March HW Portsmouth GMT/UTC 00:38 (4.6m)
HW Portsmouth BST 13:54 (4.5m)
Eating and Drinking
Nibbles and drinks will be served on Gabriel from 17:00 on the 24th until we all walk around to Brading Haven YC (awaiting confirmation) for supper. The Harbour Taxi will pick us up at the end of the evening.
Please let me know if you intend to come along. I need boat names, lengths and crew numbers for the Marina and the caterer by the 10th March. Should my weather forecast prove inaccurate, which is highly unlikely, then we will of course review plans. All I ask is you keep in contact so I can advise everyone. My E-mail is or mobile 07836 667 471. Prizes will be awarded to the first sail and power boats to arrive on Saturday.
I look forward to seeing you, Dave Cave – "Gabriel"


Participating skippers are reminded that all ECA rallies and events are carried out under Rule 22 of the Emsworth Cruising Association Rules as published in the Emsworth Cruising Association Yearbook. Participation in an ECA rally or event is taken as acknowledgement and understanding of this rule.

This event is for members and their crews only.
Applications by 10th Mar.
For urgency, use the 'SUBMIT' button below or e-mail or phone as above or print this form and post to:-
Dave Cave, whose address is in the Year Book.


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